2018 Affirmations
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Happy New Year Loves! I didn’t want to flood your inbox with yet another blogpost on 1/1 so I figured I’d wait for you to get over your hangover and get through your mail.

I feel like everyone does personal inventory the last week of December. We make note of what we want in the new year and what we can leave behind. I’m usually a relatively private person but I wanted to share some of my personal goals and affirmations for 2018. It’s only right…

2018 PRIORITIES/ GOALS (we won’t call them resolutions) :

1) Putting myself first-this is only after God. We, as women, always tend to put others before ourself. We forget to take care of ourselves and give us the same courtesy we give others. With all of the being said I’ve decided to take heed to the way I treat myself. I will think about me in every situation and feel comfortable with the word “no”.

2) I will take a major vacation SOLO! Yes, I’m used to traveling but I will be doing it alone at least one time this year. I want to tune in with my likes and dislikes and become comfortable being alone. A lot of people don’t know themselves because they are consumed with being around people all the time. I can imagine sitting by myself on a balcony, sipping coffee while reading an amazing novel.

3) I will build my self-esteem. First things first – how in the world can anyone love others if they aren’t loving themselves? I have realized that people’s opinions of me matter a bit too much. One wrong comment can shake me to the core. That isn’t the fault of others it’s my own fault. I’m going to take time to build a fort around myself and start loving myself from within so when comments from others come my way it won’t shake me. This I know won’t happen overnight- it’s a serious process.

4) Becoming spiritual sound- I have a DOPE connection with God. But with any connection you have to nurture it. I will start reading my Bible daily. That is the only request my grandmother had for me!

5) Putting my best foot forward- listen I know how cliché that sounds but it’s true. Why show up if you aren’t going to show out? That goes for every aspect of my life.

6) Being kinder- My delivery can be so harsh from time to time with those I love. I need to soften my approach!!

Now time for AFFIRMATIONS:

Affirmations are major to me! Every time I slack on them I feel it! So I started a running list that I will update regularly. Here is what I have so far in my notes.


I can’t wait to update you all about my progress! I won’t say “New Year, New Me” because I love me! But I will say “New Year, New Priorities”.

Be Inspired,


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  1. Yes, Queen! I’m here for all of these.

  2. These are awesome affirmations friend! And uhmmmm do I need to gather some folks up? IJS

  3. Joy says:

    Yes hunny …. 100%!!!

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