Bello Perspex Lace Up Block Heel


I have been holding out on you ladies I purchased these bad boys about a month ago but it took forever to arrive. Since it’s not really Fall here in NYC I decided to pull them out and take them for a spin. I wore them for a photoshoot  (pics soon come). First, let me say they are HIGH but once you get over that fact you will LOVE the Bello Perspex Lace Up Block Heel. Feminine, bold and sexy! You don’t have to break any banks to make a statement. 

Ego definitely came through once again with a budget-friendly dope shoe!


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3 Comments to “Bello Perspex Lace Up Block Heel”

  1. Loveeeeee!!!!!!! You gave away a shoe jewel

  2. These are so fly and so you. Ugh, I need to get back in heels!

  3. Ego always have the sickest shoes these included. Love Love Love them and how you’re rocking them. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

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