Black Friday + BLACK BUSINESS = dope sh*t
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If you follow me on social media, specifically my instastories, you know my passion for supporting Black businesses. We all know why it is important. But if you don’t, act like you do and start shopping :-). 

Although, I wasn’t in the country for Black Friday I still had my carts loaded and my credit card handy! All your girl had to do was push “complete order” and BABBBBBBBYYY that is what I did. I didn’t have my eye on a lot but there were a few specific pieces I knew I had to have.  

Shop Authenticity

I saw fellow blogger KimSue in a crazy tracksuit and wanted details on where she got it.  Lo and behold she put me on to Shop Authenticity. I have not been disappointed since! I actually ordered twice from this site. I have not one complaint about Shop Authenticity NONE. NO COMPLAINTS!! Her shipping is quick and her products looking amazing on and feel amazing. Her price point is super affordable.

KimSue in Shop Authenticity 

Granted, I have seen the Pink Berry Top $52.50  a multitude of times on other sites and finally decided since the summer is over and everyone has worn there a million times I can pull mine out next spring! I finally took the plunge and purchased it. 

This Blue Mustard Dress $31.50 was a must-have for me. I want to spice up my work wardrobe and I thought this would be a perfect addition. The material is on the thicker side so I can pair this with tights and a knee-high boots or booties. 

Bruh! This is trench named Light Werk Oversized Trench $48.50 was a GO! Super comfortable and looks good for work and for an outing with your girls. I could not pass this piece up. Unfortunately, this piece is sold out. Hopefully they restock because it is a STAPLE piece. 


I am sure you all know how I feel about this brand. I have everything this brand drops.  Not just because she is my friend but because she has amazing items. I copped two hoodies and and a couple of tees.

Nothing makes me feel flyer than slipping on a JustABrooklynGyrl tee with a dope jacket and favorite pair of jeans.  I’ve been amping up my hoodie game for a while, so when JustaBrooklynGyrl came out with her limited line of hoodies I jumped on it. Best thing about this brand is it is Unisex. So if you are copping yourself a dope item don’t forget to get one for your partner. .I wore my Mrs. Jones hoodie to a recent trip to Hong Kong. 

Me in the Mrs. Jones Hoodie

God is Dope

God is Dope items are always a conversation starter. People usually read it and say “Wow He really is DOPE.” I have a couple of t-shirts from them but like I said earlier my hoodie collection was lacking. I took advantage of the sale God is Dope had in early November and purchased both of these Distressed Hoodies $44.99 each. I should have gotten them in Medium instead of a Large but the next sale they have I will be purchasing them once again! 

God is Dope Hoodies

ReBourne 1952

My obsession with candles has been an ongoing affair. So when I ran up on the creator of ReBourne’s page and realized she was selling candles I was immediately interested. Funny enough I never purchased them until one day she was having a pop up shop where I was working. I immediately fell in LOVE! Not only with the smell of the candles but the whole VIBE! The presentation was on point, the packaging was impeccable, and the service was superb. I purchased two candles that day and then promised I would purchase more. Well, I did just that. I originally purchased Humble Savage & Courage. This time around I purchased two Bliss candles $21.50 each & a ReBourne Black Reflector Hoodie $65 (I am dead serious about this hoodie obsession!). ReBourne gives you the option of automatic enrollment. You can have your candles sent to you every month or every other month. This works with someone like me who forgets to re-up on their favorite things. 

Not only am I happy that I supported black owned businesses I am truly in love with all my purchases. Not solely because of the products but the experience all together. I take pride in rocking my products with as much pride as the owners of these companies had in making them for their consumers.  

Let me know what your purchase over Black Friday! 

Be Inspired,


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  1. LOVE! You put me on to quite a bit so it’s only right! Dope article and I look forward to more!

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