Black Girl Magic or Lack Thereof

I’m convinced that we black women possess a special indestructible strength that allows us to not only get down, but get up, to get through, and to get over.
-Janet Jackson

I can’t lie I have been on this #BlackGirlMagic train for a while now. I feel like this is a time where black women are shining beyond measure. We are the fasting growing entrepreneurs in the United States!!

I  feel like the unity between us is getting stronger and petty things aren’t getting to us (as a whole) like it used to. Don’t get me wrong some women still baffle me but my motto is when you know better you do better. We cannot hate on someone else’s blessing. Their name is written on their blessing as yours is on your blessing!

With all that being said I had an amazing conversation with one of my male friends on the appearance of black women AS A WHOLE!! Disclaimer: He is married to a black woman and has a daugther (because I know someone is going to ask if he is married to another race-NOPE). He feels like we, as black women, don’t care about our appearance as much as other races. For example -we have to do more than the average to keep our hair together but so what. This is maintenance.

I know for me sometimes I do slip up and not feel like looking my best but when I don’t look my best I don’t perform my best either. In all honesty I perform better in heels (judge if you want but it’s 100% true). I also know I look my best when I am prepared for the day ahead. I feel like we are rushing every where,  doing everything at a fast pace and forgetting that your judged by your appearance first and everything else after. 

Yes, as black women, we do have to work harder than the average just to be on the same playing field but I feel like that is something that has been engrained in us as a culture. 

The question is why are we not living up to the standards to which we are accustomed? Many of us are MAFUCKIN TIRED! That is in all honesty. But being tired doesn’t give us a green light to walk out the house looking like we rolled out of bed. Ladies, I promise 20 minutes of preparation the night before will make all the difference the next day (that and a tad bit of concealer).

Like I said in the beginning of the blog I feel like we, as a whole, are shining and we need to carry ourselves like the queens we are. People are watching and we need to give them something to remember.





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