My Love for Accessories

I am a “white tee & a good pair of jeans” type of chick. I can build a whole fit off of those simple things. Please keep in mind I Read More »

My Out of Office Has Been On Too Long

So Jay-Z recently became a BILLIONAIRE so I thought what do I have to lose! The first half of 2019 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster for me (we Read More »

Flawless Mugs: High & Low Skincare Items

I have always been an advocate of taking care of your skin. My love of skincare stems from me having horrible skin in my teens and early 20’s. Nothing I Read More »

Black Friday + BLACK BUSINESS = dope sh*t

If you follow me on social media, specifically my instastories, you know my passion for supporting Black businesses. We all know why it is important. But if you don’t, act Read More »

Private Label Extensions 3D Mink Lashes

Everyone knows my love for beating this face.  I am the queen of new Beauty Blenders and Fenty Beauty foundation. To me, a face is the first thing you look Read More »

Cardi B’s Hidden Pregnancy Glow Up

New Album! New Baby! Doper Fashion! Cardi B’s winning streak is something to be admired! We can’t lie we all noticed her fashion changes in these recent months due to Read More »

Style Crush: Kahlana Barfield Brown

You know that infamous question “When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?” I have that same feeling when I speak, see, get a glimpse of….Kahlana Barfield Brown. Kahlana is Read More »

2018 Golden Globes: Why We Wear Black

I was glued in to the much anticipated 2018 Golden Globes. Don’t get me wrong I am always glued to red carpets but last night had so much meaning. #WHYWEWEARBLACK Read More »

Bello Perspex Lace Up Block Heel

  I have been holding out on you ladies I purchased these bad boys about a month ago but it took forever to arrive. Since it’s not really Fall here Read More »

Ego Official Milan Frill Detail Lace Up Heel

Ladies, not every shoe in your closet must be expensive. You can find amazing steals if you search. While on the hunt for a square block heels I ran across Read More »