Ego Official Milan Frill Detail Lace Up Heel

Ladies, not every shoe in your closet must be expensive. You can find amazing steals if you search. While on the hunt for a square block heels I ran across these beauties! The Milan Frill Detail Lace Up Heel is a simple, feminine shoe with a frill detail that can be paired with a lot of items in your current wardrobe.

I originally had my eyes fixed on the white pair because a pair of white shoes are always needed. Let me repeat A PAIR OF WHITE SHOES ARE ALWAYS NEEDED! Please don’t let popular opinion fool you not all white shoes look cheap! If you pair the Milan Frill with a fresh pedicure you are guaranteed to take more pictures of your feet than your outfit the whole night!

Milan Frill Shoe Set 2


Milan Frill Shoe Set 2 by hernameiscrystal featuring gold hoop earrings


Jacquemus white long sleeve dress
$365 –

Zhenzi stretchy jeans
$62 –

Brown handbag

Gold hoop earrings

Milan Frill Detail Lace Up Heel In White Faux Leather


But then I fell in love with the nude pair. In my opinion nude is the new black. A nude shoe can hold you over for a whole vacation. Gone are the days of traveling with a million shoes to compliment every outfit if you have one pair of dope nude shoes you hit the jackpot.


Milan Frill Shoe Set 1


Milan Frill Shoe Set 1 by hernameiscrystal featuring ripped shorts


Vince white shirt
$45 –

Floral robe
$52 –

Ripped shorts

Chanel handbag

Milan Frill Detail Lace Up Heel In Nude Faux Suede
I live for a good deal and my goal is to put my readers on to what I find. The Milan Frill can last you a couple of seasons-if taken care of properly. Just because this shoe is cheap don’t think you can run it through the mud. I treat my high end shoes just the same as I treat my less expensive jewels because I want them to last me for some time.
I almost forgot the best part-THE PRICE! These babies are $41.99. Thank me later.
FYI I will found my square block heels but that is for another blog post on another day!!
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  1. January says:

    I’m in love with the nude shoe!!!

  2. Maya says:

    And at 20% off they’re a must!

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