Flawless Mugs: MAC Lightful C Collection
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Roughly two weeks ago I went into MAC to purchase a face powder for my mother and saw this line. Maybe it was the packaging that caught my eye but I am so glad it did.


First let me say that I have not been married to a facial regimen. I have a couple of products that I go between. I promised myself that I would be more vigilant with my skin care when I turned 30 (cough cough two years ago). I have gotten better but I still have a ways to go.


PLEASE NOTE: I only use this in the morning. I will share my nightly regimen in another post.


Anywho I saw this line at MAC and thought I would give it a go. I first purchased the Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser. I used a dime sized amount – which in all honest is too much in my opinion). I used this cleanser with my Clarasonic Mia 2  and lathered up and felt amazing on my face. My face felt like there wasn’t one piece of makeup or dirt anywhere. For people who are makeup wearers like myself that is a BIG DEAL!!! NO one likes waking up with leftover makeup on their pillow case.



I also purchased the Marine-Bright  Formula Softening Lotion  . Please don’t let the word lotion deceive you like it did me! I thought this was lotion until I spoke to my friend who said it had a liquid consistency. The cleanser is actually much thicker than the “lotion”. What I instantly noticed about the lotion was that my face felt refreshed! I put a couple of dabs on a cotton pad and wiped my face thoroughly.



Lastly, I picked up the Marine-Bright Formula Moisture Cream . Which I LOVE! I have extremely oily acne prone skin. I used to think because my skin was so oily I didn’t need a moisturizer. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I have gone through many of them and realized that gel based moisturizers work best for me. Lucky for me the Marine-Bright Formula Moisture Cream gel based. I feel like gel soaks into my skin and makes it feel smooth not greasy.


I also picked up the Marine-Bright Formula Essence (serum) and the Vibrancy Eye Cream but those came yesterday so I don’t think I can do a fair review on those yet. Give me a couple of weeks.


I have nothing bad to say about this collection so far. I absolutely love it I feel like my complexion is evening out and I have not had a break out since I have been using it. It is a bit pricey but if you can spend money on shoes and bags your skin should be a no brainer!

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