Flawless Mugs Series: Ladies Let’s Get Flawless!
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If there is one thing I am utterly and overly obsessed with is skincare. I was the girl who did not have great skin all her life. I need to work on it. Like WORK day and night, night and day! I really did not take it seriously until I turned 30.  It was like I woke up in a panic one day and started googling all types of moisturizers and dope skincare regimens. DON’T LAUGH! That was literally my life for months.

I went through sooooooo many skin care lines. They all promised me smaller pores, less blackheads, virtually no breakouts.. BLAH BLAH BLAH…. Then my friend came to me in late 2015 and said “Crys,  I have an amazing line I think you would love”. Not going to lie I kind of rolled my eyes and said “yeah yeah I will try it.” I already told you ladies I am sucker for skincare. I am so happy I said yes to her!!

Mind you we all know I am obsessed with Mia Ray and I realized she is a brand ambassador of the same line of skincare so I thought if she is using it I am so on board.

The skin care line is ItWorks! Now you don’t have to jump out the window like I did and order the whole line but they are definitely a few essentials I think you ladies should always have in your stash. Now mind you I have used these products for 13 months straight. Everyday twice a day RELIGIOUSLY. I can tell the difference in my skin.

So many people with in the past 6 months have commented on my skin or asked what I have been using so I decided to blog about it. Every Sunday I will go through a product that I use with you ladies so you can get familiar. I am aware that everything is not for everyone but I would be remiss not to share what has been working for me.

All the products can be found here.

If you are confused  or not sure of what to purchase I am always a click away!


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  1. Chelle says:

    I have to try this!! In desperate need!

  2. Akilah says:

    Sis you owe me an email!! I’m so ready to try this!

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