Gag Worthy: Military Jackets
By crystal » 3 years ago » Gag Worth, Gag Worthy

So as the spring is getting near the lighter jackets start to appear ( I know that rhymed). Corny but true. I am a fan of any military clothing on both men and women. There is something so dope about it. While stalking polyvore I saw this dope jacket from Harrod’s in London and immediately because inspired to do a couple of sets. The key to building a wardrobe is to have pieces you can use OVER and OVER. One time use is so overrated.

Ladies make sure if you spend your money you get WEARS out of any piece! It is essential. Just like if you paid for expensieve foundation make sure you open that lid and get the last drop! Rock your items a million different ways and have fun with it!

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  1. Akilah says:

    I’m GAGGING at these pieces!!!! Yes to the military jacket!

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