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“Why beef with someone when I can completely kill them by just getting dressed.”-Anonymous


Listen! Don’t ask me when or why I started following @lovezenaidag but I am so glad I did. When I tell you- she is FASHION life! Many women take pride in their outfits when they are parading around on a night out or brunch with their girls but the number of women who take pride in what they wear to work is slim! I remember back in the day when my mother went to work every woman at her job was DECKED!!! Hair, nails, outfits EVERYTHING! When I look at Zenaida that is the era she reminds me of. The era of being dope every time you decide to let the sun shine on you. Her bathroom work selfies gives me life. Not only does she have a dope picture but she is not shy about giving you the deets on where she copped her clothes and shoes.

Her niche for details warms my heart. She is a lover of big statement neckwear, big bangles, fedoras, sunnies and lipsticks, She is coordinated all the way down to her pumps.

She is also a lover of mixing high’s and lo’s. You may see her rocking a pair of Loubs with an H&M dress. Zenaida understands that you don’t have to pay a million buck in order to look like it!

You can tell that the change of seasons doesn’t catch her off guard because my IG Baddie is always ready!!

Thanks for being so dope Z!


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  1. Summer says:

    Love her style. Tell her she got a new follower! Hey Girl!!!

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