My Out of Office Has Been On Too Long
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So Jay-Z recently became a BILLIONAIRE so I thought what do I have to lose! The first half of 2019 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster for me (we may or may not get into that in the near future). My passion for writing, blogging, putting words on paper, honestly typing anything aside from what I had to do during my 9-5 wasn’t on the top of my list. I had so many conversations with my fellow bloggers who were/are going through the same shift. I don’t want to call it a funk I will call it LIFE CHANGES.

SIDE NOTE: Fashion, skincare, dope finds will be back soon but I feel as though a lot of women are going through similar things so this post may or may not get deep. If this is not what you came for you log off-I WON’T BE OFFENDED.

So let’s have a quick recap.

Since September I’ve been health conscious. I was determined to get healthy but during the month of April, I got sick. I don’t mean “cough cough” sick. I mean “checking-in to hospital TWICE” sick. You know it is bad when the doctor says ” You just feel like crap. You are doing entirely too much.” then he said the word that made me GAG… BEDREST. Now let’s be honest BEDREST means way more than sleep. It is mental as well as physical. Today shutting your brain off is almost a crime because we constantly have to do more and be more. I once lived by the motto “Sleep when you are dead” until it almost DID ME IN!

I have now learned (I am lying-I am now LEARNING) to slow down. Believe me when I tell you it isn’t easy. This shit (yes- shit) is a day-by-day process for someone is lives on barely any sleep and who keeps ungodly hours!.

I have now started journaling again, reading more, taking time to hang out with friends, and getting back to what I love SLOWLY but surely. It is not easy but I owe it to myself. I am now back which feels amazing and scary at the same time.

My only advice to you all is -listen to your body and take care of it. You only have one.

Be inspired-



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  1. Akilah Radcliff says:

    Favorite pic of you. Glad that you are getting back to things. Praying all of God’s best for you

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