PAT McGrath LABS Launches Permanent Line at Sephora
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When legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath launches a product it shakes the makeup world! Do we remember her highlighters from last year ?

Not only did beauty gurus rave about the products but the package was IMPECCABLE! What woman wouldn’t want to open up a package for a glitter!

Pat has recently announced she will launch a permanent makeup collection  “PAT McGrath LABS”  to be sold at Sephora which launches on September 16th. GAGGING! The line will launch 40 lipstick colors -both matte and luxe, lip eyeliners and an eyeshadow palette.

I am beyond ecstatic about this permanent collections. Her lipstick colors look extremely pigmented with unique hues.

Pat has been an intricate part of the makeup world for years. I trust that her products will be a staple in my makeup bag!




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