Private Label Extensions 3D Mink Lashes
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Everyone knows my love for beating this face.  I am the queen of new Beauty Blenders and Fenty Beauty foundation. To me, a face is the first thing you look at-so it should be SNATCHED.

Last week, Private Label Extensions reached out to me about their new line of 3D Mink Lashes and I officially GAGGED! I stalked the mail for 3 days and then the sky parted and lashes dropped from the sky (well from the mailbox slot)! Not only did Private Label Extensions send me two lashes they also include a Lash Applicator. God knows I needed it because I am not the best at popping on lashes.

Ladies and Gents let me introduce you to Chloe and Grace- not only are they dope names but they are AMAZING LASHES!  One of the main issues I have when it comes to eyelashes is the lash band. A lot of eyelashes on the market have a thick uncomfortable band but these are amazing. Both the Chloe and Grace lash bands are thin and comfy on my eyes.

Another issue is have wearable everyday lashes. Everyone knows with my 9-5 I still want to be glam without being over the top. The two lashes they sent me allows me be GLAM without looking inapproriate!

The best part about the lashes is most definitely the price! Chloe & Grace are BOTH $9.75! If I were you I would purchase a pack of 5 just so you have them on hand!

Since I have been asked to finally start my IGTV I am going to start by showing you ladies and gents how I slay my face and put on this dope lashes!!!


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